Project Description

Solid cartography skills are the foundation for an effective communication of analysis results. I put strong emphasis on data visualization, since I consider this to be a crucial factor to support decision makers.

A pleasing graphical layout is only one component and needs to be accompanied by careful variable selection and diagram design.
I have extensive experience with poster design and other illustration types for publications.
This allows to convey complex analysis workflows and results in a graspable manner.

Above image shows one of my posters. It illustrates the analysis results of a rather complex and multi-layered groundwater vulnerability analysis. The lower part shows raster data of all contributing factors and the resulting vulnerability classes. The left part features a short method description and a customized legend and diagram type description. The main map on the upper right features grid squares used to plan counter measures. They are evaluated according to their risk factors as quantified in the diagram for each cell.

Project Information

Categories: GIS Analysis

Start: Mar, 2011

End: Jun, 2011