Navio Indoor Navigation / Fleet Management / Live Tracking

Project Description

Navio is a web application based on the Meteor framework. It is strongly focussed on real time status and location updates. This allows to have a constant live view of the current position of people, vehicles and assets. The application is built with open source technology and data sources in order to avoid restrictive licensing (especially imposed by the Google API).

The design is based on Ionic and follows the "mobile first" paradigm. Using Meteor allows to quickly develop for multiple platforms with one codebase. This allows me to simultaneously cater to Desktops (through browser access) as well as mobile platforms (Android, iOS) through the app stores.

The entire business concept is centered around my own geocoding and routing APIs (based on Photon and OSRM) and especially my proprietary localizatin and routing algorithm for indoor environments. The direct contact to one of the prospective clients allows me to to immediately react to changing requirements and new feature requests.

Project Information

Categories: Web Development

Start: Nov, 2015

End: -