Tourist Info System

Project Description

This project resulted in a tourist information system for the island Lesvos in Greece. It is an extJS web application with a PHP based CMS. The application is used to guide educationally savy tourists around the island. It contains scientific information about history as well as natural & human geography. The content also features interesting activities, such as hiking trails or special event locations. It puts special focus on the visualization and data filtering. Multiple options allow to filter content by category or general fields of interest. It is also possible to automatically follow the users GPS position and to filter the content based on POIs of specific categories of interest within a certain distance.

The implementation of GeoServer also allows to integrate spatial datasets such as historical satellite imagery or an overlay of geological maps, etc.
This multifaceted experience should aid a deeper understanding of the environment.

Project Information

Categories: Web Development

Client: University of the Aegean, Lesvos/Greece & University of Salzburg

Start: Mar, 2013

End: Jun, 2013