COMET Metadatabase

Project Description

The German University of Technology (GUTech) in Muscat/Oman tasked me to develop an online solution for communal data storage/sharing of GIS datasets concerned with Oman. The project was named COMET (Communal Omani Metadatabase).

I used GeoNetwork as the basis of the project and customized the framework (extJS) to facilitate the stated requirements. The system uses PostGIS as the DB and is easily scalable. Multiple instances are able to communicate and share their DB content in order to keep the repositories synchronized. User management allows to define viewers, editors and admins which avoids data breaches.

The system focuses on metadata (information describing the datasets), such as data source, contact person, covered area, level of detail, category, etc. 
This allows to efficiently scour the DB for datasets that accomodate specific quality standards of various projects. The application also provides live previous of spatial datasets and automatically generated maps.

Project Information

Categories: Web Development

Client: GUTech Oman, Sustainable Tourism & Regional Development Dpt.

Start: Oct, 2012

End: Feb, 2012