WMSgrab downloader

Project Description

WMSgrab is a tool that allows the batch download of  tiles from a WMS server. It offers the option to define a custom WMS or to use the google WMS data.
The GUI provides a map which lets the user assign an AOI, image format, data source and target resolution. It then automatically parameterizes all request to the server and eventually stitches all tiles to create one large mosaic using GDAL.

I developed this tool as an ArcGIS tool, a gvSIG extension programmed in Python and as a standalone application using AHK.

I also developed a second tool facilitating the same functionality for Google Streetview panoramic imagery. It takes a coordinate and search radius as input and then automatically traverses all streets within the defined AOI. It identifies the concerned image tiles and constructs 360 degree rectilinear mosaics,

It is important to notice that google API ToS do not allow excessive batch downloads of their image data and the tool must only be used for non-commercial purposes.

Project Information

Categories: GIS Development

Start: Jul, 2011

End: Sept, 2011