GEON regionalization

Project Description

Geons are a novel segmentation and classification approach that allows to condens a multivariate analysis into a single index classification.
It was developed by researchers from the Center of Geoinformatics Salzburg (ZGIS). They then tasked me with the software implementation of their concept.

I developed a custom legend Add-In for ArcMap which is used to create a non-standard class index visualization. It is basically a vertical index scale with an overlaying color ramp and a histogram with adaptive bin sizes.

The second part of my work consists of a program that is used to analyze input datasets for correlative measures in order to identify suitable factors used for the geon classification. It also generates automatic reports with diagrams and statistical outputs for the user. 

Project Information

Categories: GIS Development

Client: ZGIS Salzburg

Start: Sept, 2015

End: Oct, 2015