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Creating GIS tools & Web Apps

to bridge GIS development and application

My name is Christoph Mayrhofer and I am a full-stack software developer & GIS analyst from Salzburg/Austria. My main focus is Javascript & PHP based web development on top of MongoDB, PostgreSQL & MySQL DBs ... specifically WebGIS solutions. I also cater classic GIS analysis & remote sensing projects and develop domain specific desktop applications for natural sciences programmed in C# and Python. I have been developing professional GIS tools and web applications since 2011.
Christoph Mayrhofer
Michael-Rottmayrstr. 9
5110 Oberndorf
: +43 660 1111880
: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Software Development

I develop custom made software solutions for diverse domains. My projects range from generic web solutions to very specific GIS tools.

  • Requirements definition & analysis
  • Broad range of programming languages & tools
  • Production implementation
  • Maintenance & customization
  • Web applications / Web GIS
  • ArcGIS Add-Ins, Standalone Tools

GIS Analysis

The combination of classic GIS techniques, remote sensing & my programming skills let me analyse complex real-world problems.

  • Environmental analysis
  • Traffic simulation
  • Indoor geography
  • Location analysis
  • Remote Sensing / Drones
  • Algorithm design

Customer Relations

Customer care and continuous communication with my clients ensure a good common understanding. My multi-domain education allows me to quickly understand the requirements of diverse fields.

  • Broad basic knowledge of many domains
  • Joint planning & problem definition
  • Cost estimates & scheduling
  • Extensive international experience
  • Willingness to travel

My Featured Projects

My skill levels

  • JavaScript / Meteor / Node.js
  • C# / Python / PHP
  • C / C++ / VBA / VB.NET / Java
  • NoSQL: MongoDB / DynamoDB
  • SQL: Postgres / MySQL / MSSQL
  • Web Design / HTML / CSS / Bootstrap / Photoshop
  • Webstorm / Visual Studio / Git
  • Infrastructure / Deployment / Production (AWS)
  • GIS Analysis: ArcGIS / QGIS / gvSIG
  • Remote Sensing: eCognition / Erdas Imagine
  • Computer Vision: openCV
  • Statistics: SPSS / R
I am able to cater the entire web development chain. My past projects were realized by myself or in small teams of up to four people. I was therefore involved in all aspects of small scale web projects, including:
  • Customer care
  • Project planning
  • Database design
  • Coding
  • Testing
  • Content creation
  • Deployment
  • Maintenance

My expertise has a strong emphasis on functionality, rather than design. I consider myself a web developer in contrast to web designers.
Nonetheless, I have basic knowledge in design work and I am able to create aesthetic front ends by myself for projects without a dedicated web designer.

Meteor (Javascript) with MongoDB or PHP in combination with Postgres or MySQL databases are my weapons of choice and I am very familiar with various modules which I frequently include in my projects: Bootstrap, JQuery, ExtJS, Ionic, Openlayers, Google API, ...

I am also familiar with CMS solutions like Joomla & Typo3 and have created extensions for Joomla.

My main focus is on web GIS (everything including content management / representation involving maps) and standard content management systems.
Some of my past projects - including archiving, tourist information, fleet management, metadata management, etc. - are featured in the "Projects"section of this page.

I also develop desktop applications according to domain specific requirements. My software is normally commissioned by projects in the natural sciences including geography, geology, remote sensing, etc.

ArcGIS AddIns / Tools: Many projects involve very specific workflows which are tedious or impossible to do manually. I use ArcObjects in C# to create custom solutions for data management, analysis and visualization. This often includes the implementation of new and experimental concepts and methodologies such as novel classification schemes, visual data representation, spatial analysis tools, etc.

Standalone software: Other projects require independent solutions which I normally develop in C# or Python as well.

VBA scripts for business analysis: Management decisions often revolve around data and chart analysis. I develop VBA tools for Excel to aid this process by creating automated reports.

Computer Vision: My master thesis and some projects require the application of computer vision aided techniques. I use openCV with C++ and Python to develop solutions for automated traffic counting, scene recognition, object identification, stock management, etc.

My experience also includes basic knowledge in mobile app development for Android. I am able to program simple apps with Java, but generally prefer to use mobile web apps as an alternative.

My academic education put strong emphasis on GIS analysis and Remote Sensing techniques. I was involved in several research projects during my studies and gained insight into academic and third party funded contracts. I am therefore familiar with the workflow in this domain including: project acquisition, report writing, scientific publishing & public relations.

I specialized in a select view core topics including:


Cartography: Visual data representation and map creation have become a fundamental technique for my work with data mining and web GIS development. I have a strong background in spatial statistics and programmatic object manipulation in ArcGIS.

Algorithms: Challenging tasks to find algorithmic solutions for problems like routing, simulations and statistical analysis have become a strong focus of mine and have proven to be a very valuable skill.

Spatial analysis: Classic GIS tasks like location / allocation analysis, travelling salesman problem or interpolation techniques have proven to be effective tools in academics and business applications like fleet management alike.

Image analysis / Remote sensing: Computer aided object recognition and the interpretation of satellite/aerial imagery are of special interest to me, since I apply the concepts and techniques in several of my projects including traffic counters, scene recognition, image stitching, etc. I have also developed software catering classic remote sensing tasks like atmospheric calibration.



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